Saturday, November 18, 2006


Ok, it all started with my friend Chetan letting this out yesterday:

"Windows will never be virus-free. Those anti-virus companies need to survive, don't they?"

Hmmm. That one reminded me of this one:

"World will never be rid of wars. The weapons industry needs them!"

The mention of war led to remind me of this one:

"Not everything man does is evil to nature. After all, some of us DO try and help and preserve animals. There ARE sanctuaries."

Right. Like there would be a need for sanctuaries if man hadn't threatened their existence in the first place!

This led to Vika remembering someone saying this:

"Americans didn't massacre the Indians. They're helping them preserve their culture.."

Like Vika says... nifty!


Sharon said...

Not offended. I agree am am saddened by this fact.

floyd_n_milan said...

History is a tool, meant to be learnt from. The best use of it, is to not make the same mistakes all over again.

ब्रह्मकमळ said...

If you give time enough of itself history is bound to repeat at least in some measure.

We don't have enough imagination to think of anything new to do with our existance... I think.

floyd_n_milan said...

"We" as a whole are a dumb race. Only some 1 or 2% of "us" are actually able to think and are 'special'. Those are the leaders. Those are the writers, the painters, the actors etc. The rest are just sheep. Would wars really happen if the soldiers refused to fight saying,"This man has done nothing wrong to me personally. Why should I kill him?". Well, yeah. We're dumb. Hence the process of repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

ब्रह्मकमळ said...

If what you say is true then there's a paradox. You say people are stupid sheep and that the smart ones lead - the sheapards.

It's the sheapards who order the sheep to fight wars or something like that.

Then the smart people aren't really smart...

floyd_n_milan said...

Haha! Yeah, that's there too I guess :P Proves the point even better :P