Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gentoo Bugzilla Exploration!

Heheh, `interesting' conversation in #gentoo-amd64 today.. I'm blogging here with the guys' permission :)

[07:00] [floyd_n_milan] !bug 1
[07:00] * floyd_n_milan kicks jeeves! you stupid bot!
[07:06] [angelos] mhm
[07:06] [angelos] Bug #1 does not exist.
[07:07] [angelos] tis what bugzie says :p
[07:07] [perry_] !bug 2
[07:07] [jeeves] perry_: nor, P2, x86,>, RESOLVED, FIXED,
How do I attach an ebuild.
[07:07] [floyd_n_milan] that's weird :S
[07:07] [floyd_n_milan] how do i attach an ebuild? o.0
[07:07] [floyd_n_milan] to the bugzilla?
[07:07] [floyd_n_milan] maybe
[07:07] [floyd_n_milan] bug 1 was.. we need a bug tracking system!
[07:07] [floyd_n_milan] there ARE bugs!
[07:08] [angelos] yeah, flying around everywhere
[07:08] [perry_] lol
[07:08] [perry_] bug 3 was the guy attaching an ebuild
[07:08] [jeeves] perry_: nor, P2, x86,>, RESOLVED, FIXED,
[07:09] [angelos] yay poedit is still in the tree!
[07:09] [floyd_n_milan] 1.3.6 hmm
[07:11] [angelos] grubconfig is evil
[07:11] [angelos] bug 666
[07:11] [jeeves] angelos: nor, P2, x86,>, RESOLVED, FIXED,
[07:12] [floyd_n_milan] lol
[07:12] [Draconx] bug 1337
[07:12] [jeeves] Draconx: nor, P2, x86,>, RESOLVED, INVALID,
Bugzilla asks password over and over for every page
[07:12] [Draconx] invalid my ass

Seriously, IRC can be great fun.. and a huge waste of time at times too :P

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