Saturday, October 21, 2006


Ah finally! This is my first portrait ever!

This is my friend Ketaki.

This one took some real efforts. I had to span it across two days. On the first day, 15th October 2006, I finished the face. On the second, 21st October 2006, I dealt with the hair. Pretty tough work. Anyway, I think it looks pretty decent. Not bad for the first effort.


Ben said...

That's very well done! And she looks absolutely gorgeous!

ब्रह्मकमळ said...

I agree with ben. Logically.

*thumbs up* ;)

floyd_n_milan said...

Ohhh, thanks guys! :D

Vee said...

Fluid is the word I chose to describe this, which might seem like a strange word to use but the portrait is so alive. The hair moves, the face is animated, the mouth could speak.... a lovely portrait.

floyd_n_milan said...

Ah Vee!! Thanks. I was waiting for that email of yours that never arrived, but this does it! :D